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Welcome! You are surfing website of the I.I.S. MARIA PIA School web site addressed to all the students who are interested (and not) in Information and Communication Technology®: here you can find info, guides, instruments and our forum with “our” and “your” discussions.

The site has been entirely made using Joomla! ®: it is an ideal open source instrument thanks to its adaptability in web site building, very easy to update and keep online. (We will soon prepare an internal class based on CMS: stay tuned!!!)

New teaching methodologies according to PSND don’t exclude – or rather foresee and sometimes “demand” – the knowledge about electronic devices and supporting devices of an ever more organized work and,  consequently, the theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to overcome manual obstacles and the daily usage of various software.

Digital animator’s work is promoting initiatives aimed at increasing the knowledge and the usage of IT technologies for teachers, students and families.

This portal is an instrument intended for them, a 360° instrument in which students (moment the ones listed below) will be the authors to guarantee dynamicity and continuity: in fact, if a website is lacking in contenents - even if good looking - it's useless.
Third and fourth grade students of the Scientific High School are going to run the site, while the next year fourth grade students will be the mentors for the third grade ones and, consequently, third grade students will be mentors for the second grade ones.


What’s a Content Manager System?

A Content Manager Systemt is a software that lets you create and manage web pages in a simple way, isolating the content creation part from the "requesting part" and show them on the web. In this site the contents are registered on a database. The layout and the presentation are being managed by the template. Joomla® software combines template and contents to create the web page.

Site and Administration

The site is divided into two sides: the site side (which is also called “front end”) is what visitors see. The administrative side (which is also called “back end”), used by those who run the site. The login module lets  the administrator (us) access the control panel of the site itself and it’s available for the down-listed students by the IT teacher Mr. Di Giuliano.

The portal is actually run by the students:

  • Mario Mucavero -   online editor - classe 4ls/d 
  • Davide De Santis - online editor - classe 4ls/d 
  • Marco Luzzaro - online editor -  classe 4ls/d
  • Davide Chioppa  - online editor - classe 4ls/d
  • Federico Tedeschi  - online editor - classe 4ls/d
  • Matteo Chiarofonte - online editor - classe 3ls/d
  • Francesco Liuzzi  - online editor - classe  3ls/a
  • Flavio Mastrorocco - online editor - classe 3ls/a
  • Francesco Sangiorgio  - web designer - classe 4ls/b 
  • Vito Gemini - web designer - classe 4ls/b 
  • Nicolò Bracciale - translator - classe 4ls/d